World Premiere Event: The Search for Hyperion

Jake Keeno was framed for murder by the evil Hyperion. Now, Keeno has finished his four-year prison sentence and wants revenge. “The Search for Hyperion” has begun. Written and directed by John Raynes (Keeno). Starring Josh Pierce as Hyperion, Steve Molinelli as Scotty, and so many special guest stars that I will run out of room if I include them all. This is the over-the-top, epic action/comedy thrill ride of the summer.

  • Robthedogpeterson

    What did you use to record this with?

    • Some goddawful early digital camera/potato. Thankfully DV tape is a dead technology so digital cameras don’t need motors anymore. The mosquito whine sound from those cameras was the most annoying thing ever. The noise still makes me cringe.