Words With Friends: A Review in 19 Steps

1. Installed “Words with Friends.”

2. Created account.

3. Started new game with a random stranger.

4. Found out the board looked like this:

And had no clue what the hell any of this shit meant.

5. Moved forward anyway.

6. Had a Z, an H… and only enough letters to spell “TEAT.”

7. Played the word “TEAT” against a random stranger.

8. Waited.

9. Waited a bit longer.

10. Wasn’t sure if the stranger was offended or if I was supposed to be waiting. Tried putting down the word “ZIT,” connecting with my previous word, but it did not work. Wondered if “ZIT” was an actual word.

11. Checked to see if I could quit the game.

12. Found a “Resign” option, but the game informed me that I would have to take a loss if I resigned.

13. Waited and tried to figure out what the other squares on the board meant. Failed.

14. Resigned the game.

15. Accidentally clicked “Rematch” and started another game with the same person.

16. Immediately resigned again.

17. Uninstalled “Words with Friends.”

18. Wondered what the other player would have thought when a random person played the word “TEAT” against them and resigned, then started a rematch and resigned again.

19. Wrote article called “Words with Friends: A Review in 19 Steps.”