• A Gift of Steam

    As much as I love Steam, there’s one big problem with it: no “invisible” mode. Steam is always up and running when my computer is, so I never have it […]

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  • carpetbagger.

    I thought I heard a bird just now. Like the warble of one of their songs – the bird version of a rolling “R.” But maybe it was just my […]

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    The Last Starfighter 1984 / 101 min Directed by: Nick Castle Written by: Jonathan R. Betuel The concept of “The Last Starfighter” is better than the movie. An alien named […]

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Trystain English Lessons: Participles and There/They’re/Their

k alll we are going to learn some english right now for everyone. eng;ish is like one of the literly one of the most important things is the world to learn and everyone should learn or else you will look like an iditout. listen to my lessons and you will become an english professonal like me and then your will get a lotf of hot libarians who read harry potter abd they look like harmymonine lol.

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World Premiere Event: The Search for Hyperion

Jake Keeno was framed for murder by the evil Hyperion. Now, Keeno has finished his four-year prison sentence and wants revenge. “The Search for Hyperion” has begun. Written and directed by John Raynes (Keeno). Starring Josh Pierce as Hyperion, Steve Molinelli as Scotty, and so many special guest stars that I will run out of room if I include them all. This is the over-the-top, epic action/comedy thrill ride of the summer.

World Premiere Event: The Case

An action epic in four parts, created by a bunch of friends with absolutely nothing better to do. What is the connection between a bike, an ancient spirit, and a mysterious case? With no script or even a rough outline, this improvisational curio took no one by storm and languished in relative obscurity. Enjoy the online world premiere of “The Case.” Directed by John Raynes (Trevor). Starring Steve Molinelli, Ricky Chan, and featuring Vicente Gauna as “Fidel.”

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