The Fatal Flaw In Every Stealth Game

All stealth in games is shoehorned in, plopped in half-assed, or just absolute garbage.* But is that really the worst part about stealth games? You’d be surprised to learn that, no, it’s not. The fact that stealth games will have shitty stealth gameplay is a given, so many developers give you ways to play the game without using it. And that is the problem.

I can understand and even emphasize with the stealth gameplay being complete terrible because these games will usually give you a gameplay choice between either the run-n-gun or the stealth path. But, they won’t give you a story choice between the two.

Here is how the stealth options work in regards to the story paths, character choices, and endings in these games.

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EXCLUSIVE Call of Duty: Black Ops II Pre-Review

This is the first of a series of “pre-reviews” I’m doing of the newest, hottest, unreleased games. A pre-review is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom, no-holds-barred review done before actually playing any of the game. Hold on tight and buckle your seat belt!

It may be too early to say, but CODBLOPS 2 is in serious contention for game of the year. The single-player seems to have been given the most polish, which is pretty lengthy, involved, and legitimately mature. The same can’t be said for the multi-player, unfortunately.

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Gaming Hell: Shit Ports – The Sins of LA Noire

I pre-ordered LA Noire for PC, and I was able to get it same-day shipping from Amazon. I was totes psyched for this game after abstaining from buying it on the PS3. I wanted to own it on the superior platform. I popped it in, and after a lengthy install of two discs, my body was ready.

When you first start-up the game, it immediately prompts you to install the latest patch. Here’s where the first hiccup came in. I would install it, and it would correctly update, but after restarting, it would act like the patch was never installed. It again downloaded and installed the patch. A vicious cycle.

After futzing around with everything in the install folder, I actually stopped running the launcher and just ran the regular executable after the patched installed. Finally, it started up as it would normally.

Why didn’t I try this before? Because both the launcher and .exe file go to the exact same place, but the patch only updates the .exe. The launcher is always going to be the same file, even after the patch is downloaded and installed. Hell if I know why.

After finally getting to the main screen, I came to the biggest problem I was going to be facing (at least up until this point).

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Dishonored: Bethesda’s Next Greatest Game?

NO. No, no, no no!

Why? Because this is not a Bethesda game. This game is being developed by Arkane Studios, who made Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. It’s PUBLISHED by Bethesda. Why is this so hard for some people to grasp?

I have no clue. To help illustrate how stupidly ignorant this is, I’ll use examples from other media with publisher/developer and financier/creator relationships even a half-wit pork chop could understand.

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