World Premiere Event: The Search for Hyperion

Jake Keeno was framed for murder by the evil Hyperion. Now, Keeno has finished his four-year prison sentence and wants revenge. “The Search for Hyperion” has begun. Written and directed by John Raynes (Keeno). Starring Josh Pierce as Hyperion, Steve Molinelli as Scotty, and so many special guest stars that I will run out of room if I include them all. This is the over-the-top, epic action/comedy thrill ride of the summer.

World Premiere Event: The Case

An action epic in four parts, created by a bunch of friends with absolutely nothing better to do. What is the connection between a bike, an ancient spirit, and a mysterious case? With no script or even a rough outline, this improvisational curio took no one by storm and languished in relative obscurity. Enjoy the online world premiere of “The Case.” Directed by John Raynes (Trevor). Starring Steve Molinelli, Ricky Chan, and featuring Vicente Gauna as “Fidel.”

PC Pickle: Help! My Memory is Leaking Everywhere!

PC Pickle is a randomly updated computer technical support column, where any and all questions, both hard(ware) and soft(ware) are answered.

Dear PC Pickle,
Every time I run my computer, I hear “dripping” coming from inside, like a faucet that ain’t been turned completely off. It’s a store-bought jobber with no after-market blitz and blatz on it, so there ain’t none liquid cooling tubes stuffed in. I heard some nerdy fellers in the break room of the chop shop saying that they was having a problem with “memory leaks.” Is my computer sick? Read more

A Frozen March Up Cold Mountain

Jolchek, the Sunflower Warrior, was surreptitiously trying but failing to hide a dangerous spate of frostcrotch, which was quickly turning his loins into as barren a wasteland as the one he had found himself surrounded by. The persistent, nagging numb caused by the pale, white fingers of cold guaranteed he would feel no pain there. He was grabbing his unmentionables often and obscenely, needing to be confident they hadn’t fallen off, lost in the countless feet of fallen snow. It was a ritual, and the fact of their remaining existence was a totem he returned to keep himself sane.

“Jolchek,” Lyllia said, stopping and turning her head to face the warrior.
Jolchek did not have the energy to speak. Seeing his face, Lyllia let the conversation drop where it never began and continued on.

Read more

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