A Gift of Steam

As much as I love Steam, there’s one big problem with it: no “invisible” mode. Steam is always up and running when my computer is, so I never have it closed. I have not added any of my friends because my ratio of computer to games usage is very lopsided. All I will be getting is requests to play Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2 when all I have time to do is play a single-player game for thirty minutes, or get in a few brief sessions of CS: GO.

A four-hour game session every night is something I can only dream about. With the possibility of only one or two lengthy get-togethers a week, if that, adding anyone to my friends list is just leading them on.

I am also not in a clan or dabbling in the hat trade, so as you can guess, I have very few people on my Steam friends list. Aside from the token family members, there’s somebody with a Duke Nukem avatar and someone who hasn’t been online in fifty-five days. And one sole Russian friend. Since I don’t speak Russian, he is a source of mystery and intrigue.
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I thought I heard a bird just now. Like the warble of one of their songs – the bird version of a rolling “R.” But maybe it was just my imagination. After all, I might possibly be greatly inebriated right now. It’s very easy to overtox on Snarktongue Venom.

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Trystain English Lessons: Participles and There/They’re/Their

k alll we are going to learn some english right now for everyone. eng;ish is like one of the literly one of the most important things is the world to learn and everyone should learn or else you will look like an iditout. listen to my lessons and you will become an english professonal like me and then your will get a lotf of hot libarians who read harry potter abd they look like harmymonine lol.

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The Last Starfighter
1984 / 101 min
Directed by: Nick Castle
Written by: Jonathan R. Betuel

The concept of “The Last Starfighter” is better than the movie. An alien named Centauri (Robert Preston) creates an arcade game and leaves it on Earth as a way to identify potential Starfighters, who would then be conscripted to pilot starships to protect the universe from destruction. After Alex scores a new record of 1,000,000 points in the game, Centauri stops by in his space car to whisk him away to an asteroid base where he meets a collection of various aliens who were too visually unappealing and dull to make it further than a concept drawing in the Star Wars trilogy. Read more

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